Now Playing Song App Recensioni

simple and easy

please add a timer to autotweet; for example, only songs played for at least 30 seconds.

PLZ update

Great app. Updated to iPhone 6 and won't tweet album art anymore. Would appreciate an update. Thank you.


App was great but no longer works with iOS 8. Please update. Been using this app for years because it's the only decent app for auto-tweeting #nowplaying status with album artwork. Such a simple concept I can't believe no one else has gotten it right. Please get this app working again! Thanks.


It's great for what I can tell. May need an update for since it hasn't been updated in awhile, but it's good.

Does what it says it does.

I do wish they would support lower than iOS 6.

Just what I was looking for.

I wanted to find a way to post songs I'm listening to on Facebook, and this app does it perfectly, AND with the added bonus of album art.

The only one that got it right!

Love the ability to customize output! Thank you!

Love it

Ive been looking for an app like this and I love this one it's simple to use and set up I just wish It could connect to facebook as it does twitter

Easy and great app

It will be great to add an album cover in tweets)

so good!

this app is good:] it is very easy to use

I love this app

It shows full song/artist/composer name, which your native iPod app will not, and it's also convenient to mail&tweet the songs. Easy, but effective nonetheless. I'll be most grateful if you can get font adjustability involved.

It does what it says

My first impression: It does the job, so I can't complain very much. Very simple and elegant solution for the music-minded social networkers like myself. Suggestions to the developer: include options for only naming track and artist. Maybe an option for editing what's going to be tweeted, so the listener can include their own notes. Other than that, nice job!


I love it :)

Nice but no WOW!

Had a problem with the program allowing it to post to my Twitter. Said there was an error logging in. After severl tries. Would also be nice of you could post to Face Book as well. Needs an options menu, in case there is users that have severl accounts I'll keep in on my phone, see if the problem is fixed.... Wished it would have worked

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